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Our goal as veterinarians is to provide your pets with the type of health care that we can expect from our health care providers. This includes timely office visits, a thorough history taking, and comprehensive physical exams. Only after these steps are taken can we then discuss with you the best options for diagnostics and medical care.

We vow to be available during facility hours; either by having a veterinarian in-house or by having a veterinarian available by phone emergency consultation. After hours emergencies are ably handled by the critical care service at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Their number is 573-882-4589.

We also promise to give you an estimate of anticipated expenses before we begin any diagnostic or therapeutic protocol.

We make every effort to stay on time with our appointment schedule. Occasionally, however, a pet will not synchronize his or her ailment with our schedule resulting in unforeseeable delays. Please call us should you not be able to keep a scheduled appointment. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment or arrange for a drop-off.

Many people enjoy the convenience of drop-off appointments. Pets are presented, the problem is discussed, owner contact information obtained and the pets are kept for the day. As well as making efficient use of everyone's time, this allows for more complete exams and diagnostics as well as initiation of any needed treatments. Our veterinarians then visit with owners at the pets' release.

We encourage phone calls for information. If a phone consultation can result in an answer to your question, we are happy to provide one! Please understand, however, that an over-the-phone diagnosis is not always in the best interest of your pet! Our receptionists are highly trained and can usually handle the most commonly asked questions. If they cannot answer them, then the veterinarian will return your call as quickly as possible.

Pet Center LTD.

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For general information, questions, appointment requests, call us at:

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Emergency: 573-882-7821
Email Us: contact@petcenterltd.com


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