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It’s not a secret that I have a soft spot for yellow labs, as I have owned three over the past 35 years: Daisy, Dolly and now Chella. Pet Center, Ltd. has donated over 56 radiographs on 31 animals for the Central Missouri Humane Society (CMHS) over the past year. Several weeks ago they brought us a very charismatic yellow lab, named Jester, for radiographs of his left front limb. Imaging revealed a complete elbow dislocation. As seen in the x-ray images below.

According to the CMHS, Columbia Animal Control found him roaming the streets of Columbia and Jester had been limping and not using this limb since, which was a total of 10 days. Due to this long period of time that Jester’s elbow had been dislocated, prognosis for realigning or reducing it without surgery was poor, but we had to try! We placed Jester under general anesthesia and hung his leg, as seen in the picture below, for 15 minutes to fatigue the muscle in order to help place/reduce the elbow. Dr. Rebecca Markenson attempted for over 45 minutes to reduce his elbow, but unfortunately we were unsuccessful. The CMHS arranged to have the Veterinary Orthopedic Department at the University of Missouri-Columbia VHC, headed by Dr. Derek Fox, to attempt closed reduction. Unfortunately, after much effort, reduction was still not achieved.

After careful consideration by all parties involved, it was determined that the best thing for Jester was to amputate his limb. The procedure was performed at the CMHS on Friday February 5th 2016. He was then transported back to Pet Center for his recovery. Just one day after surgery, Jester was back to his carefree, lovable self. He seems to be adjusting extremely well. He is now looking for his forever home, and would be great addition to any family looking to expand theirs! If you’d like to stay updated on Jester’s progress be sure to check our Facebook page!